Ron Remschel’s Viper SRT-10




I purchased my 2005 SRT-10 Copperhead Edition (#245/300) in July of 2005.  I’m not any type of mechanic, but I do own two Jaguar XJ-S V12 Coupes, one of which I pretty much rebuilt the top end of a couple of years ago (


While there is a quite a bit of information on the Internet about the Viper, including all the forums like ViperClub and ViperAlley, most of the people active on the forums have quite a bit of experience with their Vipers.  I am a novice.   I bought a service manual – a definite requirement, but even that doesn’t spell out some of the basics, and drawings are not as good as photos.


For example, an oil change…  Obviously, very basic stuff, but if you’ve never looked under an SRT-10, you’ve got to get yourself oriented.


So, I am building this website to document what I have done and to help any other novices that might have the same question.


Oil Change


Pocono 2006 Pictures